Find Work That Feels Like Play

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One of my main goals in life is to find work that feels like play.

When work feels like play, you no longer have to work a single day in your life.

You’ll just be playing a game. One where no one else can compete with you since it will look like work to them.

Joining my first startup felt like play to me.

We were pulling 14-hour days, 7 days a week to meet our business goals but it never felt like “work,” in its traditional sense.

This was when I knew I found my calling.

Let’s go back in time and figure out how I got here though.

Since I studied Political Science during my undergrad, I didn’t have any business experience and I definitely felt like I wasn’t qualified to join a startup.

However, meeting new people and networking felt like play to me. I felt like I could talk about anything from technology and astronomy to psychology and the gut microbiota.

Granted, I knew very little about each topic but I knew enough to hold a conversation.

I met my co-founders after networking with hundreds of people and being a natural communicator, I became the marketing guy.

Every other business skill I developed came along as we grew the company.

To summarize, imposter syndrome is a bitch. However, if you have a curious mind and you seek to have an impact on the world, you should definitely consider joining a startup or start your own company at some point in your life, regardless of your academic or professional background.

I would rather be a failed entrepreneur than someone who has never tried. A failed entrepreneur knows what “play” feels like, and they have the skills needed to get back up and make it on their own.

Practical Step: We spend too much time in a job and very little time deciding which jobs to get into.

Take some time to answer the following questions, and they might help you in identifying your definition of “play.”

Where do you want to live?

Is there a city where your definition of play is widespread, profitable, and sustainable?

Who do you want to be around?

Are there others in your circle that can help you build leverage around your definition of play? Is it time to find a new circle?

What do you want to do?

When was the last time you did something so fun that time just flew by? Is this something that you can build a business around? Are there other startups like this that you can join?

Hi there! Thanks for reading 🙏🏽
I don’t write often but when I do it’s usually about my entrepreneurial journey. My goal is to provide actionable advice, examples, and perspective to people who want to start their own ventures or projects but don’t have a typical technical or business background.




Helping you find fulfillment at work

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Ryan Seeras

Ryan Seeras

Helping you find fulfillment at work

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